On 5th March, Jonathan and Corinna Downes, the Director and Administrator of the Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] the world's largest mystery animal research organisation, fly to Texas. Together with their friends and colleagues Richie and Naomi West who very generously financed the expedition, they will spend two weeks continuing the research into the Texas blue dogs, first carried out by Jonathan Downes in November 2004..

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chocks away!

Biggles knows something is up - he has that look upon his face. I was running up and down the stairs like a flea in a jam pot yesterday, trying to gather everything together, and every time I came downstairs he wouild follow me around like a sticking plaster. I am sure he will have fun with Oll and Graham though - and Graham has promised to have him up in his bedroom at night. When we come back from Texas no doubt Biggles will know everything there is to know about online poker, Hawkwind and the joys of the odd can of lager.

Over the last few days I have accumulated lists of lists and have therefore become slightly confused as to what I was supposed to still do and what I have done! But everything that needed charging was duly sorted yesterday and last-minute washing and ironing successfully carried out (I haven't ironed anything for ages - I had almost forgotten how to tackle it!).

Later on today we shall set out on our first leg of the journey to Texas, and I am looking forward to seeing Naomi and Richie again, along with Nick and Dana Redfern and Ken Gerhard amongst others. That is if the US let me in of course - the photo in my passport does make me look like a cross between Ma Baker and Bonnie Parker - but I was having a bad hair day when the photo was taken and was less than half awake and therefore looked slightly shocked when the camera went click.

We will keep this blog updated as regularly as possible and look forward to our expedition to the Lone Star State revealing lots of interesting things about the blue dogs. And of course, as ever, I shall be keeping an eagle eye out for any amusing events and anecdotes concerning my poor beleagured husband.

See you later....


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  2. I'm a bit slow with the comments. Just now catching up on blogs I hadn't yet read. Ironing? You were actually ironing before packing those clothes? Good luck, Corrina. I've found it to be a rather lost cause, trying to arrive in another country with my clothes in tact and unwrinkled. I'm so happy to know you and Jon are here. I love reading your blogs. You are quite a wonderful writer, and so is Jon.

  3. All posts that I have removed are only because I had a typo and needed to edit. I copied them and reposted with corrections. I really should preview before posting.