On 5th March, Jonathan and Corinna Downes, the Director and Administrator of the Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] the world's largest mystery animal research organisation, fly to Texas. Together with their friends and colleagues Richie and Naomi West who very generously financed the expedition, they will spend two weeks continuing the research into the Texas blue dogs, first carried out by Jonathan Downes in November 2004..

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Today looks set to be another fun-packed round of eventfulness. We liaised with Morgan and Jo from Minnow Films in a Applebee's bar/restaurant last night, and a convivial time was had by all. People who were privy to excursions of ten years ago would, however, probably be surprised at how sober and restrained we all were - but I, for one, have grown up a bit.

Today we are off to a town called Fayetteville to meet a pair of ranchers who have seen the elusive blue dogs on several occasions, and who were heavily featured on the Nat Geo documentary on the subject with Ken Gerhard a few weeks back. Talking of our Ken, we shall be meeting him back chez West in Kempner this evening (with or without the Minnow posse, remains to be seen) and a frank exchange of views shall take place. Who am I trying to kid? It will be beer and a barbecue....

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