On 5th March, Jonathan and Corinna Downes, the Director and Administrator of the Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] the world's largest mystery animal research organisation, fly to Texas. Together with their friends and colleagues Richie and Naomi West who very generously financed the expedition, they will spend two weeks continuing the research into the Texas blue dogs, first carried out by Jonathan Downes in November 2004..

Monday, 8 March 2010

NAOMI WRITES: Life with the Downeses

Since Jon and Corinna have arrived it’s been a whirlwind of music, meals, video-taping and blogging with intervals of fish-tank drama. Instead of impressing Jon with lovely fish and live plants as I had planned, I have instead been begging his help in saving my remaining fish from mysterious deaths and bringing my pH down. It’s not like I don’t have five different water test kits, more water-treating chemicals and even more fish care books than I had years ago when I ran a problem-free fish tank, but my luck has not been so good this round. Let me put it this way: a week ago found me siphoning aquarium water while standing on a water-soaked living room floor amid a sea of shards from a drinking glass I had broken (during the water change) that I was now too angry to clean up. It’s been one fish-tank crisis after another and that’s what Jon has been privileged enough to walk into.

Corinna is, as always, the calm amid the chaos, and she has been enjoying the peaceful view from my study window and the back porch. Jon’s first visit to my study resulted in him exiting and shutting the bathroom door with it still locked. Corinna had a good laugh over that. Richie managed to get the door open later using a credit card.

Jon has been a good sport about my persistent Three Men Seeking Monsters jokes; even the constant reference to his “very special friend.” And that’s why I about fell out laughing in church this morning when my unsuspecting sister-in-law introduced Jon and Corinna as our “very special guests.” Jon visibly started when my dad referenced Esther in his sermon this morning…
Dad’s sermon also included Jonathan, David and Goliath. Jon came away from the service stating, “My name is Jonathan, my heir is called David, but I look like a Goliath and I make pointless sexist jokes about Esther.”

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