On 5th March, Jonathan and Corinna Downes, the Director and Administrator of the Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] the world's largest mystery animal research organisation, fly to Texas. Together with their friends and colleagues Richie and Naomi West who very generously financed the expedition, they will spend two weeks continuing the research into the Texas blue dogs, first carried out by Jonathan Downes in November 2004..

Monday, 15 March 2010


I have always made it my business not to go to foreign parts and criticise their ways of life, but Johnny Foreigner is a rum cove and these two signs - one from a gas station (below) and the other from the front door of a Mexican restaurant - are so unlike anything we would see in the UK that I could not resist posting them....


  1. Do people use chewing tobacco in the UK?

    We call it snuff in my part of the country.

    And every fine institution has a spittoon.

    Otherwise people carry around styrofoam coffee cups and spit in those.

  2. How much tobacco did you buy Jon? I used to chew redman in college.